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  • WVYC Awards 2013 | 2013 05 14


    Thursday evening  May 9th  will forever remain in the memories of those who got the opportunity to attend what has become a spectacular event as Waterford Voluntary Youth Council (WVYC) with the support and sponsorship of Waterford Youth Committee (WYC) City of Waterford VEC) presented a vintage themed circusat this year’s, Youth Awards.


    Drum rolls as you entered, Giant puppets of Punch and Judy, fortune teller booth, coloured bunting, elephant stands, circus tents, moustaches, red and white striped poles and let us not forget the large wooden horse standing proudly at the door decked out in all its glory and colour, were amongst just some of the items on display that welcomed everyone to this special evening.  Many colourful actors were also present bringing that touch of the extraordinary, old circus feel.

    The various organisations and individuals that make up the community groups around our city and county came together for this event.  Young and a wee bit older, had no idea who would be the award recipients on the night.  They came with the intention of supporting and taking part in something that they were proud to be associated with.  Every attendee had a unique story of how they came to be involved in the voluntary youth sector.  With talent and humour the fantastic ring master of the evening, Nick Kavanagh, coaxed these stories from even the most reluctant public speakers.

    Astonished, delighted and emotional awardees were called to the stage to receive their precious awards which were beautifully crafted crystal pieces.   In keeping with the spirit of the evening original, well-worn old horse shoes had been restored and threaded with ribbon to continue to bring good luck to the well-deserved winners.  Someday we may go into a house where we see these awards displayed and we will know we are in the presence of someone who has really made a difference in our society.  Everyone who attended won something in their heart on the night.  There is no doubt that we have many talented individuals in Waterford that don’t just talk about doing things but make it happen and that this was surely acknowledged throughout the night with strangers that had become friends as they applauded each other for their contributions.

    Leaving the event it appeared that everyone had gained in height, yes some were definitely taller (some may have gained in weight, also, as the food was glorious that was provided by The Granary).   All had a positive outlook going forward and were aiming to reach even higher in the future.

    There were many people who played a part in making the awards happen, some not even aware that they were contributing.  It was this team effort approach and a sense of good will that made it the best awards ceremony yet.  The fortune teller told many a fortune on the night the two that come to mind: Don’t pursue happiness, create it, and Some dream of fortunes, others reach for them.



    List of Categories and Recipients


    Young Persons between 10 – 18 years

    Youth Role Model Award                 Eoin Falconer (Ballygunner Scouts)

    Leadership Award                             Mark Hayes (De La Salle Scouts)

    Caring For Others Award                 Brian Freeman (Ferrybank Foróige)

    Citizenship Award                             Denise O’ Connor (St Paul’s Scouts)

    Community Award                            Rachel Marshall (North Suburbs CYP)

    Fundraising Award                           Hannah Wallace (Childrens’ Group Link)

    Youth Arts Award                             Emily Costello (De La Salle Scout Pipe Band)

    Environmental Award                       Niamh Finn (Comhairle na nÓg)



    Highly Commended 10 - 18

    Daniel Croke (St Paul’s Scouts)

    Ray Healy (Outrage Foróige)

    Lauren Coughlan (Outrage Foróige)

    John O’ Reilly (WYTSP)

    Rinaa Cooper (Outrage Foróige)

    Brian McGuire (Irish Red Cross)

    Daniel O’ Shea (Outrage Foróige)

    Craig Brophy (Outrage Foróige)

    Ned O’ Reilly (WYTSP)


    Volunteer Youth/Adult Leader

    Caring For Others                             Elaine O’ Donnell (Ferrybank Foróige)

    Citizenship                                          Trish Ronan (Ballybeg Youth Project)

    Leadership                                         Breda Collins (Waterford Scout County)

    Organisation                                      Seamus Purcell (De La Salle Scouts)


    Highly Commended Youth/Adult Leaders

    Karen Condon (Irish Red Cross)

    Maria Flynn (Irish Red Cross)

    Michelle Costello (De La Salle Pipe Band)

    Derek Condon (Irish Red Cross)

    Dick Winters (Outrage Foróige)

    Paula Paul (Sacred Heart Scouts)

    Ann Sinnott (St Paul’s Scouts)

    Breda Murphy (St Paul’s Scouts)


    Youth Group/Club/Project

    Leadership                              De La Salle Scouts

    Youth Arts                               De La Salle Scout Pipe Band

    Caring for Others                  In Touch (Children’s Group Link)

    Youth Enterprise                    Fretwork (Ballybeg Special Project for Youth)



    Best Overall…

    Young Person 10 – 18 years                       MARK HAYES

    Volunteer Youth Adult Leader                    BREDA COLLINS

    Youth Group/Club/Project –                         JOINT WINNERS         De La Salle Scouts 

       De La Salle Scout Pipe Band