Welcome by the Chair


Welcome to Waterford Youth Committee website. I hope you find it useful and easy to navigate and find the information you are looking for.

Waterford Youth Committee is a Statutory Sub-Committee of the City of Waterford VEC with responsibility for the co-ordination of youth services in the city. This site will give you an idea of much of the work with which we are involved.

As Chairperson I would like to commend the Committees’ two fulltime staff, Youth Development Officer Joe Gough and Administrator Cathy Drohan for all the trojan work they do.

Youth work and the services to young people in Waterford have grown very quickly in recent years and while there is still plenty of scope for improvement, I for one am proud of what we deliver here in the City.

Working in partnership we believe Waterford does and will continue to deliver top range services and facilities to our young people, ensuring that they can reach their full potential in an inclusive, supported and informed way.

Our aim is to be as open and receptive as possible and with this in mind we look forward to your ideas, suggestions and feedback on our activities and, indeed, on our website.

Together, we can make things better.

Councillor Mary Roche,