Waterford Youth Committee

Waterford Youth Committee co-ordinates and develops youth services in Waterford City in line with the Youth Work Act, which provides a legal framework for the provision of youth work programmes and services in the city. The Act defines youth work as ‘a planned programme of education designed for the personal and social development of young people through their voluntary participation, and which is complementary to their formal, academic and vocational education and training and provided formally by voluntary youth work organisations’. It is the responsibility of Waterford Youth Committee to ensure that the provisions of the Act are carried out within the framework of the VEC.

A continued development in 2010 was the OMCYA’s launch of the Quality Standards’ Framework (QSF) for the youth section nationally. The QSF was introduced on a phased and incremental basis during the year. The QSF applied to staff led youth work organisations and services such as Special Projects for Youth (SPY); Youth Information Centres (YICs) and the Young People’s Facilities and Services Fund (YPFSF) administered by the HSE.

Waterford Youth Committee in conjunction with Waterford City Development Board and Waterford Area Partnership rolled-out the Waterford City Youth Strategy 2009 – 2012. The specific objectives of the Youth Strategy were as follows:

  • To examine demographic trends and future growth
  • To carry out an audit of youth services in Waterford City
  • To establish gaps in current facility and service provision
  • To involve stakeholders in strategies for service provision
  • To develop a Youth Strategy for Waterford City 2009 – 2012
  • To propose an action for the implementation of the strategy

The Youth Committee administers the Grant Scheme for Special Youth Projects and the Annual Youth Services Grants, it also assists in the establishment of a Voluntary Youth Council, the provision of Garda Vetting for clubs and groups, the provision of training (in conjunction with Waterford Voluntary Youth Council) to volunteers and staff within the youth service, and conducts research and surveys on youth related issues, supports Annual Youth Awards and the Hasbro Bursary Awards.